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My dad considered reading fiction a complete waste of time, since reading time should be devoted to information related to important things, like cows or tractors. Two hours on the school bus everyday gives you plenty of extra reading time. I kept one of his index pages and checked off every book as I read it. There was just something heroic about those that caught my imagination. (and college students, yes, you’re getting ripped off, but don’t blame the bookstore employees. ) It was also during this period of working with professors that I lost every last bit of respect I’d ever had for academics.

The first real fantasy novel I ever read was Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks. Feist and David Eddings, whole new worlds opened, and I knew that I wanted to write fantasy. Sure, I’d visited, and the people always seemed friendly enough, but I found that I was actually really comfortable there. Most of them were dumber than a sack of hammers, but extremely proud of the fact that they had a bunch of degrees and had never held a real job.

(as you will see, these two things will be a theme in my life).

There’s not a whole lot of interest in El Nido, so I read a lot of books and I shot a lot of guns.

Keep in mind that making 0,000 is very rare, even for adult models, and probably won’t be the case for your child.

Instead, he should be facing the camera; no hat, sunglasses or makeup.“You can easily take this kind of picture at home with a digital camera,” according to Baby “Make sure the pictures show your child’s features and take a variety of poses, including head shots and full-body shots.” The photos should be in color.After our story on 50 Cent’s two-year-old landing a 0,000 modeling campaign, many of you shared adorable photos of your little ones on our Facebook and asked for child modeling advice.We did a little research over the weekend and found some valuable insight into the industry.

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