Peter andre dating polly

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Peter andre dating polly

''Jordan's hunky riding coach hoofs it,'' shouts another.

''And then there's this,'' Gould says, holding up another with distaste.

"Pete and I were both crying when Theo had his operation. Emily, who is the publication's brand new columnist, also spoke about her difficult experiences with breastfeeding (that is linked to the condition): “The first few months were really hard for me.

Sometimes I would be breastfeeding Theo ten times a day...

"Needless to say, this is absolute nonsense and, as is often the case with stories like these, it’s just someone trying to make money out of my name.

"I met Pollyanna a couple of months ago at a Channel 5 party, and she told me she was in the process of divorcing her husband and that she’d been separated since April.

over the first couple of months his weight plummeted, he was suffering with reflux and I had mastitis three times and I was really sick.” :( :( :( :( :( Six weeks on from his operation, Emily happily admits that things are getting a lot easier for little Theo. I think I almost had a nervous breakdown before." We're glad lil Theo is on the mend!

column, Peter Andre said: "As you may or may not have heard, a man called Lee Clark has sold a story about me, saying that I’m behind the breakdown of his marriage to his wife, Pollyanna Woodward .

"I did not send her hundreds of texts, as has been reported, and I certainly never said “wish you were here” in a text. " Pete added: "As far as I know, I haven’t been named in their divorce papers, and rightly so – their marriage has nothing to do with me.Clark and Woodward’s divorce was littered with accusations of emotional infidelity via text messages between Woodward and singer/songwriter, Peter Andre.According to Clark, Woodward and Andre exchanged hundreds of flirtatious text messages after meeting at a Channel 5 party. This marriage was perfect until he started texting my wife.But his wholesome reputation has been threatened as it emerged today that he will be named in the divorce of two television presenters.The pop star exchanged 'hundreds' of flirtatious texts with The Gadget Show presenter Pollyanna Woodward after meeting her at a party in October, her angry husband has claimed.

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But things haven't been all rosy for Peter and Emily, as the couple have spoken out for the first time about baby Theodore's tongue-tie diagnosis.