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My year book dating

I’ve made 14 My Publisher books now (all with deals from Living Social and Groupon! So, before we get to the giveaway, I thought I’d share a few tips that can make your photo books more beautiful.

My first few books have the basic linen cover with a small photo in the front. First off, they’re not super wipeable, and if you choose the black fabric, it does tend to show if you get a little something wet or dirty on it. Perhaps the biggest downside, though, is that there’s no marking on the spine.

So if you have a bunch of these on your bookshelf, it’ll be hard to pull out the book you want unless you choose different colors for every book.

Of late, the Living Social and Groupon deals from My Publisher have been including a photo finish cover, and once I tried that, I never looked back. The large front and back photos are great, as is the wipeable surface and the fact that you can label the spine. ) There’s also a book jacket option, but in terms of durability, I don’t think that could possibly compete with the photo finish option. My Publisher does offer a text tool in their software, which you can use to make a cover like the Myrtle Beach one below.

What's more, the wrap that the portrait studio supplied to the students actually violated the dress code, making the whole situation that much more hilarious.) Anyway, I’ve shared about my photo books several times before, and recently, My Publisher contacted me to see if I’d be interested in working with them and also giving away some photo books to you guys.So of course, I said yes because I dearly love to work with companies I’ve faithfully patronized.We have digitised the following editions of the yearbook.The New Zealand Official Yearbook 2012 is also available online.

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(I used to be a faithful scrapbooker, but somewhere around the time I started blogging, scrapbooking began to take a back seat.

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