Who is matt bomer dating now

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Who is matt bomer dating now

I’d got a part in a Broadway show then 9/11 happened and I lost the job. I knew I wasn’t going to stay for long so I told the writers to give me crazy storylines. Get me in tights and put me in front of a green screen. I’ve learned so much from everyone – even if it’s how not to behave.I’d met a casting director for a soap opera who said if I ever needed a job to let him know. It was an incredible opportunity for a young actor, you have to become comfortable in front of a camera and learn how to make choices quickly. I started as a trust fund kid who made a bet with friends that he’d deflower the town virgin, then fell in love with her and she found out about his scheme and dumped him. I learn from [co-star] Tim De Kay on White Collar every day – he’s been a great mentor and is very patient. He’s the most committed actor I’ve ever worked with.Well, turns out he was all of them—at least, as long as his schedule allowed it. Last month, he took on one of his edgiest parts yet, that of an assassin hunting down a private investigator and a hired enforcer—played by Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe—in Shane Black’s .

XO” the 38-year-old actor captioned the photo on his Twitter account of the family, including sons Kit, Henry, and Walker., in which he plays a gay man dying of AIDS during the early days of the epidemic, the actor acknowledges the original play's writer Larry Kramer for helping pave the way for gay rights.PHOTOS: Hollywood's gay power couples "I wouldn't have a lot of the rights I have today if it wasn't for people like Larry," Bomer told the mag. ” These days Hollywood is his turf, and he’s more than holding his own with the biggest names in town.“The comedic chemistry between them is extraordinary.” But not even that was the highlight for this former Texan. “I got to fire a Sterling submachine gun, an AK-47, a 9mm, and a .22, all in the same take.

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