Constitutionality of mandating flu shots Totaly free sex dating

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Constitutionality of mandating flu shots

If a healthcare worker refuses both, then they should rightly be fired.

Although I do not know every hospital's policy, it seems that the recommendations are to get vaccinated or to wear masks when interacting with patients.I escaped it just barely last year because I was pregnant and fought royally for the life of my unborn child, proving with documentation that safety studies have NOT BEEN PERFORMED on pregnant women or their babies.However, this year it has come full circle again, and while I am still breastfeeding my baby, they are not going to give me an exemption and I am afraid I will have no choice but to be fired for not getting the flu shot. This is unjust, and I comppletely agree that if they can get away with mandating healthcare workers to have a specific vaccine, then it's only a matter of time that we will not be able to do anything, teach in schools, fly on an airplane, etc, without a plethra of poisons injected into our bodies.I think, the next should be the families of all related to medical profession/CDC/FDA, so that they can observe on their own children/spouses/parents/grandparents the effects of massive and regular vaccination.Maybe this would make the medical profession to wake up and oppose.

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However, your claim here, it would appear, is nothing but misinformation, unless, of course, you can provide evidence that this is the general practice (as opposed to a unique situation), or that it even happened.

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