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Well, my devoted, beloved power-ranking readers, it all came down to this: Our biggest, baddest big bad of them all was …a character we didn’t even meet until the final half-hour of this entire series. But after seven seasons of not reporting crimes to the cops, failing to bring lawyers to police interrogations, wearing impractical footwear for running away from a murderer and/or burying a body, ill-advised and sometimes illegal relationships, absentee parenting, and being terrible at lying, it’s time to leave Rosewood for good. The Liars are just going to linger there, indefinitely, for reasons unclear.) So for the very last time, here is this week’s Pretty Little Power Ranking. Mona (last week: 8)From her style opener in which Mona wills the Rosewood of her imagination to experience both extreme heat and snow at the same time — summer and winter, two seasons our forever-autumnal Rosewood has never seen!

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And when all of us who are married made those promises to love “till death do us part” on our wedding day, I hope this is what we meant, too.

One person shows are notoriously difficult to pull off, I can serve as a reluctant witness to several stinkers.

If anything but death is an option for ending a marriage, then don’t say “until death” in your wedding vows. God never lies (Titus 1:2) and delights in truth-telling and oath-keeping.

Say something like “until adultery, abandonment, or abuse.” Say what you mean.

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